Enabling More Confidence in Your Certificate of Analysis

The ingredients and flavorings market represents a key link in the supply chain in ensuring safety in the final product. Recent recalls have highlighted the need for improved control to minimize this vast impact and a better understanding of the results behind a COA.

Whether the ingredients are spices, nuts, or flavorings, they can represent a unique challenge for pathogen testing that requires a better method to deliver a high quality result. Roka Bioscience and the Atlas System deliver this solution through an integrated target capture step that can concentrate and purify target from potential inhibitors, providing a higher quality, actionable result.

The Atlas System solutions provides the spice & ingredients industry with:

  • High Quality Data in traditionally challenging matrices such as powders and spices
  • Higher Confidence in Certificate Of Analysis
  • Faster Turn Around Time ensuring on time delivery and operational efficiencies
AOAC-RI Validated Performance Tested Methods | Spices & Ingredients
Validated Matrix Atlas® Assay
Whole Shelled Eggs Salmonella SEN  
Pasteurized Dried Whole Eggs Salmonella SEN  
Cookie Dough Salmonella SEN  
Dry Pasta Salmonella SEN  
Non-Organic Creamy Peanut Butter Salmonella SEN  
Nacho Cheese Seasoning and Black Pepper Salmonella SEN  
Milk Chocolate Salmonella SEN Salmonella SG2
Cocoa Salmonella SEN Salmonella SG2
Soy Flour Salmonella SEN Salmonella SG2
Dried Whole Eggs Salmonella SG2  
Cereal Salmonella SG2  
Peanut Butter Salmonella SG2  
Raw Almonds Salmonella SG2