A Fully Automated Sample Purification Process

The major limitation of current nucleic acid amplification assays is the sample processing step which is usually complex, time-consuming, and often can include interfering substances that can inhibit the amplification reaction.

Target Capture is a sample-preparation technology, which concentrates and purifies target nucleic acids before the amplification process. Oligonucleotides, bound to magnetic particles, specifically capture the targeted nucleic acid. Magnetic particles with bound target are then pulled to the side of the tube by a magnet — and potential inhibitory substances are washed away before amplification.

Target Capture Advantages:

  • Increase in specificity and sensitivity
  • Virtual elimination of false negatives by washing away inhibitors
  • Increased sample diversity and specimen types
  • Allows for large sample volume
  • Simplifies sample processing with no centrifugation or transfers
  • Presents a concentrated and purified target for amplification