The Power of Three Core Technologies

Roka combines innovative automation with powerful molecular technology to provide the most advanced food pathogen testing solutions available.

Roka pathogen detection assays combine the full power of Target CaptureTranscription-Mediated Amplification, and Hybridization Protection Assay. Roka assays target ribosomal RNA (rRNA), an optimal target for molecular technology in food pathogen detection applications. In addition, the same technology used to target rRNA, Roka food pathogen detection assays can also detect messenger RNA (mRNA) and DNA, providing the versatility to use the same technology for other nucleic acid testing applications.

Roka molecular technologies offer unparalleled advantages in accurate and reliable food pathogen detection for many food and environmental matrices. The combined power of the three core technologies delivers a fully automated, single-protocol assay with reduced enrichment times and superior sensitivity.