Delivering Practical Solutions for the Advancing Dairy Industry Challenges

Globalization, regulatory pressures, and a shift in product complexity has driven rapid, profound change within the dairy industry.  These changes require new solutions to ensure brand protection, product safety, and risk management.  Previous, more dated technology cannot keep pace with this evolution and has created unneeded inefficiencies in the supply chain process.  Roka Bioscience is the only technology that can deliver better process control and an automated solution that can more rapidly deliver high quality results and ensure a more efficient manufacturing, reduced refrigeration, and on-time delivery process.

The Atlas System solutions can provide the dairy industry with:

  • Robust Performance across a wide variety of dairy matrices
  • Faster Turnaround Time to ensure a more efficient and seamless integration into manufacturing
  • Confidence: Higher quality data provides better resolution and better control in both environmental and product testing
AOAC-RI Validated Performance Tested MethodsSM | Dairy
Validated Matrix Atlas® Assay
Brie Cheese Listeria LSP  
Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk Salmonella SEN  
Non-Fat Dried Milk Salmonella SG2  
Pasteurized Whole Milk Listeria LSP  
String Cheese Salmonella SEN Salmonella SG2
Vanilla Ice Cream Listeria LSP Listeria LmG2
Whey Powder Salmonella SG2