Atlas® System

Make food pathogen detection a Super Value
Efficiency + Accuracy + Speed = Value

The Atlas System is a fully automated molecular pathogen detection system for food safety testing. Automated efficiencies, highly accurate results, and faster turnaround times maximize testing value and make the Atlas System a smart choice for laboratories of all types and sizes.

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System Highlights

  • High, efficient sample throughput
    • Single operator produces over 300 results in 8 hours; over 500 results in 12 hours
    • Accurate, reliable, and reproducible
  • Automated process controls help ensure consistency and quality
    • Full sample-to-result traceability
    • Positive sample identification
    • Liquid level sensing
    • Reagent dispense verification
    • Barcoding of samples and all reagents
    • Automated inventory control
  • Flexible continuous-access sample loading eliminates the need to batch samples
    • Removes labor bottlenecks inherent in batch processing
    • Enables greater workflow customization and laboratory efficiency
  • Intuitive design = easy to use
    • Minimal training required
    • Intuitive touch-screen user interface
    • External indicators provide real-time process update
  •  “All-in-one” design saves valuable bench space
    • Eliminates the need for any additional equipment; e.g., heating and cooling blocks, centrifuges, computers, and biological safety cabinets
  • Walk-away freedom increases overall lab productivity and efficiency
    • “Sample-in, result-out” format provides maximum performance with minimal hands-on time
    • Cost-effective: allows labs to increase workload without adding resources
  • Minimal labor requirements
    • Ease of use allows minimal hands-on time
    • Maximizes use of and efficiency of laboratory resources

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The Atlas System runs the Atlas Listeria Detection Assay, the Atlas Listeria monocytogenes LmG2 Detection Assay and the Atlas Salmonella Detection Assay. Together, the system gets you from sample to result in just 3 steps.


*The Atlas® System is manufactured by Hologic | Gen-Probe.