Atlas Listeria monocytogenes Detection Assay

111301 ROKA Atlas L mono

The Atlas® Listeria monocytogenes LmG2 Detection Assay has been certified by the AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested MethodsSM program and assigned PTM certification #111301.

Listeria monocytogenes Overview

Listeria monocytogenes is a Gram-positive facultative anaerobe that is widely found in the environment and is able to grow at low temperatures, low water activity, or high salt concentrations. Listeriosis, the disease caused by L. monocytogenes, is a concern for at-risk populations such as the elderly, immunocompromised individuals, and pregnant woman. Listeriosis is the third leading cause of death among foodborne pathogens, with a mortality rate of about 20%.1

Listeria monocytogenes may be found on a variety of raw foods, such as uncooked meats, raw milk and its derived products, and fruits and vegetables. Additionally L. monocytogenes may also be detected in foods that become contaminated by environmental exposure during post-intervention processing.

Rapid and accurate monitoring of L. monocytogenes is a critical need for producers of at-risk foods. This allows for faster intervention, minimization of risk, and brand protection.

Atlas Listeria monocytogenes LmG2 Detection Assay

The Atlas Listeria monocytogenes LmG2 Detection Assay is a rapid, accurate, and reliable molecular test for L. monocytogenes detection from a variety of food and environmental samples. The assay is designed for the Atlas® System— a fully automated molecular pathogen detection system.

The Atlas Solution: High-Quality Pathogen Testing Results

When used in conjunction with the Atlas System, the Atlas Listeria and Listeria monocytogenes LmG2 Detection Assays offer a complete platform solution for even the most rigorous food safety programs. The Atlas solution provides unparalleled gains in standardization and lab efficiencies, guaranteeing high-quality results and the ultimate in peace of mind.

  • Standardization
    • One platform, one technology for consistent, accurate results
  • Efficiency
    • Easy three-step procedure for all assays with no reagent pipetting required
    • Continuous-access instrument eliminates batching
  • Accuracy
    • Automated reagent tracking and sample barcoding
    • Three molecular technologies for superior sensitivity and specificity
    • Built-in internal control for confidence in results validity

It’s never been easier to get the results you need.



This simple upstream processing combined with the powerful Atlas System provides rapid, reliable results while optimizing throughput and efficiency.

Assay Technology

The Atlas Listeria and Listeria monocytogenes LmG2 Detection Assays harnesses the strength of three proven molecular technologies—Target CaptureTMA, and HPA—to reduce false-positives and –negatives. The result is increased sensitivity and specificity, minimizing the need for cumbersome retesting, even in the most difficult matrices. 

Atlas System Highlights

  • Automated and integrated for accuracy and reliability
  • Fast and efficient, up 300 results in an 8-hour shift
  • Easy-to-use instrument
  • Automated process controls help ensure consistency and quality

Ordering Information

Atlas Listeria monocytogenes LmG2 Detection Assay
225 tests per kit
Catalog #PRT-01469

Atlas Listeria monocytogenes LmG2 Calibrators
Catalog #PRT-01470

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1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC Vital Signs: Recipe for Food Safety.

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